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Thursday, June 3, 2010

A bit of well deserved time off for Jamie!

It has been a holiday weekend here, as the Americans celebrate Memorial Day with stunning weather to match the holiday mood! Jamie's Godfather flew out for a brief visit and we all had a great time. We invited Henry and Barbara round for a bar b que but Jamie got really tired so spent most of the afternoon asleep in bed! Jamie is coping very well with the Accutane this still takes a lot of patience to get the Accutane in him but we haven't had too many mood swings compared to the first cycle of it.

Tom has seen first hand though how quickly things can change with Jamie! I apologise Tom if it got stressful at times but he knows that just because Jamie is ill, we still have to try and maintain boundaries for Jamie. A very hard balancing act!

On Sunday we took the train into Philadelphia to show Tom the sights of the city. The weather was amazing and we all had a great day. We ended the day by discovering an Irish bar! We sat outside and enjoyed a couple of relaxing drinks and reminiscing about the good old days! Whilst there we saw one of Jamie's nurses who stopped and had a chat with us. A few minutes later the waitress came back with a round of drinks saying that they were from our friend [Jamie's nurse!] Thank you Preetha, it was a lovely gesture and one which we all enjoyed!!

We have lots of photos from this day to add!

Tom's visit went by very quickly and on his last day with us we decided to visit the local Zoo. Put it this way, it was advertised as a Zoo but on entering an industrial estate and seeing an office building with the zoo logo, we thought that we had come across the business office. I jokingly said that the zoo was probably in the hangar next to the office...I wasn't joking!!! What they called a zoo was a hangar with some insects in! We decided not to pay the $9.00 and view this! How very strange!!!

We have a complete break from treatment and hospital appointments and are planning to chill and relax and discover our local area.

Jamie's appetite is making us laugh at the moment. We all know that he goes through phases...this time we are on hot dogs for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack!! He is also trying lots of different cereals and is drinking lots of milk and water. Jamie is also enjoying fresh oranges...these are also Poppy's favourite and she shouts and screams with delight when she sees the oranges!!!

Food shopping is a hit with Jamie as he likes to talk about the different foods and where they come from. Poppy enjoys sitting in the shopping carts and everyone was laughing at her yesterday as I had to pad the back of the seat with a thick blanket because she gets so excited and thrashes and bumps herself up and down!!!! Had to keep her away from the oranges though as she would have tried to have got out!!!!

With temperatures of 100F, the air con is on all the time but I am not complaining!

Must go now as Jamie is on his third helping of cereal and he needs supervising!!

Love to you all and photos will be on soon!

The Inglis Family