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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jamie has now had 3 sessions of radiotherapy and is putting on weight at last!!! We are struggling with getting to the hospital for 7.00am every day but so far the sessions are going well. Everyone loves him here!

The most amazing thing has been meeting the 2 other British families whose children are having the same treatment, Robyn Higgins and Stella. To see and hear the same everyday stresses of living with Neuroblastoma makes me feel a little bit more normal! I think I needed this months ago, better than any counselling!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Another hot day in New Jersey, Poppy looked so cute today in short sleeves, and bare legs. So chunky but gorgeous. Jamie made friends at the park and enjoyed his picnic, again!!!!! Same again for tomorrow before radiotherapy starts on Monday.

We are now in the Ronald McDonald house. It is amazing!!! Caterers come and cook at 6pm, there is a massive pantry where you just help yourself. The facilities are out of this world! Loads of play areas for the children. Got chatting to a family whose friends daughter has been diagnosed with cancer, aged 3 years, yep you've guessed, Neuroblastoma. She arrives at CHOP next week.